Battlefield 3 Premium eGuide. $ This guide is not available for purchase. Strategy for every DLC pack (Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill. PRO Welcome to the official game guide for Battlefield 3. If you’re a veteran of Wake Island, Karkand, Verdun, or Arica Harbor, you know why weVe But it’s back by popular demand and it really changes the pace of the game, especially if . Check out 6 new screenshots from the BF3 Back to Karkand DLC! . Battlefield is happy to bring you the first images of the official Battlefield 3 Prima Guide.

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Unlike traditional land mines, the Cleymore is a directional mine that sprays shrapnel in the direction it’s facing upon detonation. Stay close to your squad so you can support one another. Otherwise your spawning squad mates may be killed before they get a chance to defend themselves. Project Reality Christmas Map Pack by [url]http: The pistols pack a serious punch and can save your life during desperate close- quarters duets — remember, it’s taster to draw your pistol than it is to load a fresh magazine In your primary weapon.

Instead, try to hit the vehicle tram the side ‘ or rear, where you’re less likely to be spotted. GGm The Infantry Fighting Vehicles are the most versatiie vehicies in the game; they are sometimes referred to as light tanks. Also, keep an eye open for dead teammates lying on the ground. A hovering choppermakes d iuicy: Project Reality Christmas Map Pack by [url]http: Dnce a teammate has been down for a while, the body will disappear, preventing you from saving them.

Beyond the obvious tactical advantages, being in a squad allows you to earn the squad bonus points that boost your score and fast-track promotions. This particular G3 is the A3 variant, with a fixed stock. It may seem like a a frivolous feature, but the kill cam has larger implications for how the game is played.

Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide [Prima] | eBay

A subtle bloom animation appears at the center of the reticle, scope, or ironsight when your bullets strike your target. It’s a shame my score is so bad in that shot: Rockets fired by infanfry, helicopters, and jets pose a big threat, as do other tanks.


However, since you are lower, you make a smaller target for the enemy to hit and you can more easily duck behind cover. On the map there are several bases controlled by the defender — the US team always attacks and the RU team always detends.

Given its close proximity to the RU Base, the RU team has the best chance of maintaining control of this location throughout the match.

Home Battlefield 3 Battlefield: SO While tanks are still at the top of the food chain during ground combat, they’re far from invincible. Players do not need to do anything. While crouched, you move slower, battlefild while prone, your movement is literally reduced to a crawl. This screen pfficial briefiy immediately after your death, providing a shot of the player who killed you as well as their name, rank, health, kit, weapon, specialization, and dog tags.

At the very least, find an isolated piece of cover before initiating a reload.

A message appears af the fop of the screen each time you earn a new promotion. So you must make the most of this weapon’s platform wherever it is battlefiele, usually at the RU team’s base. Use these accessories sparingly, turning them off whenever you want to remain concealed. The 93R is equipped with a forward-folding foregrip and an extended barrel that is ported to reduce recoil. Only use this in defensive situations. Firing the heavier 7.

But the longer you’re in the air, the more attention you’re likely to attract. But there’s really nothing to fear.

Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand Prima Official eGuide

The M is equipped with a Bipod for supported shooting by default. However, if you have less than four players in your squad, the extra slots could be filled by strangers.

You don’t want bacj place it anywhere enemy troops can easily spot. Since you can pprima where enemies are located, use this info to set up shots while strafing around corners.

  LEI 11284 DE 2006 PDF

Clever Brits, very clever But don’t forget to apply throttle after the turn to prevent stalling. The best place to start is to look at your game mode’s objectives, since those determine victory or defeat. Like the Tactical Light, it can also temporarily blind opponents, making it difficult for them to return fire. Or, if you have an explosive weapon, you can simply blow a hole in the wall, taking out your target in the process. Despite their impressive offensive batttlefield, attack helicopters are vulnerable to heavy machine gun fire and heat-seeking missiles fired by engineers or other aircraft.

Battlefield 3 Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide [Prima]

You may even disable the vehicle. The lethal effect of this grenade is limited against targets with modern body armor. Instead, always look for opportunities to flank and sneak up behind unsuspecting opponents and knife them from behind, As in Battlefield and every installment since, scoring knife kills earns you the victim’s dog tags, a permanent trophy.

This is why shatguns are ogficial effective. An underslung shotgun attachment is also availabie.

When playing as support, lay down covering fire while the rest of your squad advances. The reason for the change was made to make sure all platforms were completed kariand release. Although this little robot can absorb some damage, it won’t last long when exposed to high concentrations of enemy fire.

Full text of “Battlefield 3 Prima Official Strategy Guide”

Finally, you need to take into account your opposition. Don’t forget to use grenades, which can be thrown around corners or over walls to hit enemies who think they are safe behind cover.

This type of combat is the exact opposite of long-range combat. We couldn’t be happier with the launch of Battlefield 3. If you made no lateral adjustments, you’ll still be lmed?