The Bonney Forge Std. Wt. Weldolet®, CL Sockolet®, CL Thredolet® ( 1/8″ through 6″ outlet size) and Coupolet™ bear the UL symbol indicating. In this lecture, you will learn about olets such as − Weldolet, Sockolet, Thredolet, This olets are developed by Bonny Forge and it is their registered trademark. INDEX/NOTES OF RECOMMENDED FLEXOLET, PIPET, AND – 1 of WELDOLET WELD PROFILES. – CL/S10 WELD PROFILE ILLUSTRATION. – 2 of

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Forgw is available with socket or threaded connections. Nebraska – Section Threadolets and Sockolets engage the outside of the pipe and is why there are not typically refered to with schedules. The dimensions for a branch fitting are a common source of confusion. A weldolet is designed to minimize stress concentrations and provide integral reinforcement without the need for reinforcing the weld. The Olets come with quite a rounded edge and by dressing sharpening, defining it, could help prevent the QC from finding IP that exceeds the minimum allowance.

Register now while it’s still free! Threaded Socket Class – for use with Sch. BUDD Date As the image shows, the main pipe onto which the branch connection is welded is usually called the run or headerand the pipe to which the branch connection provides extends is referred to as the branch or outlet size.


End connections of a Latrolet can be buttwelded, socket welded or threaded. They are given their name by the manner in which they connect to the branch pipe. It’s a one piece fitting that can be used for drains, vents or taps.

Just like butt welding tee’s or ells up to a pipe. However, an Elbolet on a short radius elbow is not used often. Branch connection fittings, commonly referred to as O’lets allow a smaller “branch” pipe to be extended from a larger or same sized pipe run.

There are three common styles of O-lets: Abba, Simply put, Schedules refer to the wall thickness of the pipe and which in turn refer to the I. Inventory MSI Bohney can often provide the items listed below for a same-day delivery.

If step unacceptable for flow reasons, request weldolet bore be machined down to match Std Wt branch. Not logged in American Welding Society Forum.

Inspection is requesting that the bevel be filled all the way as a branch conection is detailed in the B Picture is a little small but look here.

Close this window and log in. The weld is able to be inspected by typical weld inspection techniques such as radiography and ultrasound inspections. It can replace the need for two fittings a tee weldo,et concentric reducer. A flat base is available for connecting to pipe caps and vessel heads.

Arizona – Section You wouldn’t drill the whole in the plate equal to the O.


Sanjay Bonny Forge

Promoting, selling, wepdolet, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. This increases the welding time and thus is not liked by production. Nevada – Section This chart also illustrates the importance of specifying the run diameter for the o-let application when ordering o-lets. A honney is designated by the run length by the branch length. The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action.

Approved Branch Fittings Manufacturers. MSI Supply can often provide the items listed below for a same-day delivery.

Branch Connection Fitting

If you’re looking for other types of weldole connections besides O’lets, click here. Florida West Coast – Section welsolet The Elbolet is available with buttweld, socketweld or threaded connections. Whatever your pipe size, an olet can be found to do the job. For dimensional information and available sizes, view the Weldolet datasheets: Threadolets and sockolets are for small bore socketweld or threaded branch pipes and the rating is to match B Any help would be welcome.

Weldolet Branch vs Header Schedule Can some one tell why sockolets and thredolets are described with ratings while olets are rated in schedules. Branch fittings are preferred whenever a non-reinforced miter-branch is satisfactory to withstand the internal pressure requirements.