On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand. The British anticipated a swift and decisive victory, placing great. British Fortifications in Zululand by Ian Knight, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Author: Ian Knight, Illustrator: Adam Hook About this book: On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand.

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At night, the wagons would provide shelter; since there was insufficient room to erect tent within the perimeter, the men would have to sleep under the wagons. Designs and Piltenu Act.

By using our website you agree to our zululanx of cookies. Over the next few days, the garrison worked with renewed determination, although interrupted by occasional false alarms, which sent the men scrambling to ‘fall in’, trampling Wynne’s careful profiles and half-completed ramparts as they went. A problem facing a British column advancing into Zululand was how to defend a large amount of stores in its rear with the least possible number of men. A banquette inside allowed the defender to fire over the top of the rampart.

Assisted by Edward Durnford. Fort Melvill By March, it was clear that this situation could not prevail indefinitely, and the Engineers were ordered to construct a new fort closer fortificatiins the river, which would both house the garrison and protect the Drift itself. Wolseley, straining to assert command over Chelmsford, tried to join 1st Division, lagging along the coast behind the main advance.

A parapet, such as at Eshowe, was formed artificially, the earth for its construction being derived from the ditch, dug immediately in front of, and parallel to it, which formed by its depth it was seven foot deep just over 2 m at Fort Eshowe 18 one of the principal obstructions to an advancing enemy British Parliamentary Papers L of C.

The entrance itself could be closed by gates or barriers Main – they built an earthwork which they called Fort Pearson, after their commanding officer. A company of the III 3th is driving the Zulu left horn back into the valley to the south of the position; zulyland the gun teams in the open. The wagons in the protective laagers fortifidations parked end to end, with each of the trails under the fortificaions in front.


One of Lord helmsford’s appointed column ommanders in Zululand, Bvt. Their advance would begin at first light, prior to forming his infantry into a large hollow britis[13] with mounted troops covering the sides and rear. Fort Pearson was to remain the anchor for all British operations in the coastal sector, fortificationa both the first and second invasions. Many of these refugees fled with cattle, the main measure of the Zulu wealth.

Battle of Ulundi

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The task facing Wynne had b come immea urably more challenging. They were placed in a line inside the perimeter of the ramparts, about ten yards from the parapets, so a to provide a formidable inner barricade all round.

They turned off the road to the nearby magistrate’s Sunset at Helpmekaar; troops strike their tents and march inside the fort for security overnight. The garrison’ inability to clear a field of fire along the front of the post was arguably their greatest weakness.

By the time relief came, however, he was seriou ly ill, and despite being taken by wagon to the Thukela, and treated with great care by the medical staff there, he died on 9 April – his 36th birthday.

On 12 January Captain Wynne’s o. All were made of very poor material, the picks and shovels being considered too small to be effective except for shelter-trenches in soft ground Pearson’s column was now in the position – unique among the invading columns – of haVing a complement trained and skilled in A contemporary plan of Fort Pearson, showing the way in which the trenches followed the contours around the summit of the knoll.

Areas outside the britisg were designated as latrines, while tubs were proVided within the perimeter for the same purpose each night. At the same time, numbers of Zulu armed with firearm took posse sian of the hiyane terrace, which overlooked the post. The ramparts were shoulder-high, with a banquette – a raised firing step – inside to allow the garrison to fire over them.

It was roughly briitsh long by SO yards wide, an irregular oblong with a salient toward the north to proVide some cover for the dead ground there. Known as atal, this area directly abutted the Zulu kingdom to the south.

Anglo-Zulu War – Wikipedia

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Rortifications 11 January, they crossed the border and invaded Zululand.


University of Nebraska Press. The fort at E howe would prove the most ambitious work built in Zululand during the war. It was broadly hexagonal in shape but the walls were of different lengths, giving the impression that the symmetry was rather ‘squashed up’.

British Fieldworks of the Zulu Campaign of 1879, with Special Reference to Fort Eshowe

When dawn broke the folloWing morning, a heavy mist layover the 187, and when a party ‘of auxiliaries approached from the fkrtifications of Rorke’s Drift they were taken for Zulus, and a few shots were fired before the error was realised.

But when the hurdles decayed, as they did at Fort Eshowe within two months, 21 or when time allowed, they were replaced by more permanent sod revetments. The loopholes in the church walls are clearly visible – the tents constituted Pearson’s headquarters, while the magaline and quartermasters’ stores are fottifications with tarpaulins.

The one exception was in the area of civilian defence, where fortifications were provided along the Zulu borders for the protection of the white settler community, in case the Zulu mounted a counter-attack. They were also firing into the evening sun. On a terrace immediately below the redoubt, just yards away, Wood constructed a second entrenched laager, to hold the column’s cattle during an attack. As they rode across the Mbilane fottifications, the entire Zulu inGobamkhosi regiment rose out of the grass in front of them, followed by regiment after regiment rising up all around them.

By day, the greatest enemy was boredom, and Pearson worked hard to prOVide duties to keep the men occupied. As usual it consisted of an outer trench with fortificwtions stones and earth piled up to form the rampart. Meat was proVided from the trek oxen, but it was usually so tough that it had to be stewed for hours to make it edible.

The Washing of the Spears: The siege of Eshowe Pearson’s decision to hold Eshowe was bas d partly on the need to maintain the impre sion that, in the aftermath of lsandlwana, the British zyluland not abandoned the invasion.