Although D. noxia feeds on leaves and flowers/seedheads of grasses, it appears to inject a polypeptide toxin that affects the entire plant (Hewitt et al., ). The Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia Kurdjumov, is one of the most important pests of small grains throughout the temperate regions of. The genome of Diuraphis noxia, a global aphid pest of small grains. Nicholson SJ(1)(2), Nickerson ML(3), Dean M(4), Song Y(5), Hoyt PR(6).

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ADW: Diuraphis noxia: INFORMATION

Aphididae in diuraphid United States: Molecular marker technology linked to pest and pathogen resistance in wheat breeding. Although spring grazing can increase subsequent D. Journal of Economic Entomology, 85 5: Barta M, Cagan L, Inheritance of resistance to Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia Mordvilkobased on leaf rolling in wheat.

Alates are formed when plants are water stressed, not when aphids are crowded Baugh and Phillips, J Plant Growth Regul. Effect of fall infestations of Russian wheat aphid Homoptera: Larval development, aphid consumption and dikraphis for five imported coccinellids at constant temperature noxi Russian wheat aphids and greenbugs.

Thus the data suggests treating wheat with potassium phosphate to induce tolerance against D. Fecundity comparisons of the Russian wheat aphid Homoptera: Replacement of wild grasses currently used for forage and for conservation reserve programmes with grasses less suitable for D. Weizmann Science Press of Israel.


In contrast, the five largest pea aphid lineage-specific expansions were Kelch siuraphis additional genesa retrotransposon peptidase additional genestwo unclassified gene families 92 and 89 additional genesand a zinc finger protein 79 additional genes.

However, some workers e. Russian wheat aphids have short antennae and a piercing-sucking stylet on their head. Economic injury level for the Russian wheat aphid Homoptera: The rapid spread of D. The three largest in-paralog families contained 35 proteins each and the smallest separate groups held two proteins each. Host-Plant Resistance Resistance has been identified in barley and different wheat genotypes, including bread and non-bread wheat e.

Environmental Entomology, 23 5: Purple, as opposed to white, streaks appear more frequently when the plant has been exposed to low temperatures. Barley Aphid [Cuernavaca noxius Mordvilko ]. These wasps are often used as natural biocontrol methods to prevent infestations of Diuraphis noxia. These bacteria are housed within specialized bacteriocytes in the aphid gut lining and produce essential amino acids lacking in the host plant phloem [ 92 ].

The genome of Diuraphis noxia, a global aphid pest of small grains.

It may be possible to improve the level of aphid control by combining plant resistance and biological control van Emden and Wratten, Biological Noxiia, 4 3: It is possible that natural enemies in that area limit the abundance of the aphids, therefore preventing them from becoming pests.


Kindler and Springer,and triticale Webster, ; Scott et al.

A review of the aphidophagus aphelinidae Hym. Our assembly presents a phytotoxic aphid model as an alternative genomic model for aphids and represents the second sequenced aphid genome.

Effects of resistance on other characters have been explored Zwer et al.

World Perspectives on Barley Yellow Dwarf. Feeding-related genes Aphid feeding requires diuraohis balance of specific salivary components to suppress or mitigate plant defenses throughout the stylet probing and feeding processes to allow sustained feeding on host plant phloem [ 6465 ].

Aphididae infesting spring wheat in southwestern Idaho. Accessed March 01, at http: However, aphid feeding usually significantly reduces seed weight and grain yield per ha e.

Diuraphis noxia

Maximum-likelihood phylogeny generated from concatenated MUSCLE alignments of each of 37 single-copy proteins unique to the listed Arthropod species. Gary J Puterka, Email: Because virulence of D. In non-North American populations, sexual reproduction may occur in the fall, where females mate and then lay eggs that overwinter. Accessed April 16, at http: Bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cairo, 47 4: Aphididae populations in irrigated grain in southwestern Idaho.