View and Download ELECTRIX WARPFACTORY insructions online. THE ULTIMATE VOCODER. WARPFACTORY Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Electrix WARPFACTORY Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Electrix WARPFACTORY Insructions. Electrix Warp Factory: Electrix» white noise rackmount unit», vocoder rackmount unit» Lower Order settings will give a more “granular†Warp effect, Electrix); manual (German, Electrix); manual (Spanish, Electrix).

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So if your goal and adding some parts of vocoder voices on some of your songs, may be good, especially for its price minuscule compared the services it provides.

As a source this time I sent her a string of attacks with trs typ cr low from a bit sampler roland ssound more normment me, tr s subtle, almost approaching a vintage vocoder on some points.

I don’t own any other hardware vocoders, but I’d guess that it’s fully as flexible and cool as most of them.

There’s a gain knob for the input, and one of Electrix traditional “scroll buttons” to mabual inputs from mic to line, to auto, which will choose an input depending on which is active at the time. It also has a tuneable synth generator and a noise generator so that you can use them for carrier or blend them with your input signal for more radical synth effects. Highly recommended if you can find one cheap. It is rack mountable and will take up two spaces in a traditional rack casing.

Tuning it higher does a kind of chipmunk, girlie man thing, pretty cool and probably even more useful if you’re using something other than voice as a formant generator.


Set the Input Select to Auto which will connect the source as its own formant input to create some interesting Warp effects. As an electix bonus, WarpFactory has a built in phono pre-amp so you can plug your turntable directly in. This is a vocoder numrique everything from classic, see other reviews for more dtails techniques.

Don’t have an account? Request a new review. The following settings are intended as a guide only. And I’m not aware of any digital vocoders with this level of control from the front panel.

Electrix Warp Factory User Manual | 17 pages

Also, you can hit a button or a footswitch to “freeze” the formant, allowing a fixed wah kind of effect where the envelop electrjx open. When the Source Kill is Off, the Gactory will switch to the dry signal when the microphone is not in use.

However, Electrix usually has pretty good prices for their gear while still maintaining a very high quality. This is the quickest method to get warped audio out of the WarpFactory.


It offers up a ton of control, and in general the tones sound clear and of course vocoded! Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If you are are new to mmanual, I’d definitely suggest having the manual around.

Well simply that someone wagp leave a notice DPOS prsager vocoder that is void However, after playing with it for a little while I felt that I could get the hang of it pretty well. Got it, continue to print. Next, you can tune the center frequency of the vocoder from two octaves below to two above the notes you’re playing. Page of 17 Go. Introduction As an added bonus, WarpFactory has a built in phono pre-amp so you can plug your turntable directly in.


Worthy of the th, I would sell mine, now I care! Artist Applications Set the Input Select to Manuql which will connect the source as its own formant input to create some interesting Warp effects. I see a lot of people caused by the warp of the factory, it’s true but I electrxi it is through this that vocoder rclame hours of expression to find its appropriate.

It’s been 3 months now that I think I owns and well under control.

All user reviews for the Electrix Warp Factory

In addition, it must be rgler levels forming source and if the sound is really ugly. It does have midi connections, which should afctory sequencing of all controls, with the possibility of animating and midi syncing them.

But it has wagp lot of other tricks up its sleeve. The warp section has parameters for gender, Q bandwidthorder, pitch, robot punch, effect mix, and a slew of buttons as well including for format freeze.

Back Panel WarpFactory only while you are talking into a microphone that is plugged into the Formant mic input. Then I shall decide to ask a review on this troisme vocoder.