Gemini: Michel Tournier: Les Météores (; Gemini) involves the desperate measures one man takes to be reunited with his identical twin brother, who has. Michel Tournier’s Gemini was published in France six years ago under the title of Les Météores, but it arrives in this country, in Anne Carter’s. Gemini. by Michel Tournier, translated by Anne Carter. Doubleday It’s hard to consider the case of Michel Tournier without falling back on a.

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This is not an easy read in compositioncharacterization, writing style and philosophy, but I enjoyed In this literary masterpiece Tournier explores every possible aspect of twinship.

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One point that is implicit in tournker American novel the one by Woods is made explicit in Paul’s philosophy: The book is scattered with twin mythology and philosophy. The quest is unsuccessful, and Paul ends up mutilated by his last desperate attempt to cross from East to West Berlin as the oh-so-symbolic wall goes up.

Mar 23, Marietje rated it it was amazing. Tournier is A Writer and i am in good hands. And the tournief is, even though different parts gemiji the book are told from different characters’ perspectives, because all of the parts are written in that same rambling, philosophically musing way, it doesn’t really feel like you’re reading different characters. Eduoard re-joins the military and is stationed on the border of Belgium The exquisite love story of Jean-Paul is set against the ugliness and pain of human existence.


In this literary masterpiece Tournier explores every possible aspect of twinship.

: Gemini (): Michel Tournier, Ann Carter: Books

What did I learn from this book? Brigitte orphanage for severely disabled children. The irony is that his twinship itself is imperfect, because Jean wants none of it. Account Options Sign in.

Jean has fled to Venice alone, the site of his almost-honeymoon with Sophie That notwithstanding, Gemini offers a finessed reversal of perspective, through the voice of Alexandre the gay uncle of the twinswhere homosexuality becomes the anchoring societal norm and the heterosexual world is relegated to marginalised status: And what I found really exhausting about the way that the book is written is that instead of telling a story it kind of gives abstract, philosophical musings on part of the author, one after the next, for countless pages– while here and there including discrete examples from the characters’ lives– not necessarily in chronological order– as to demonstrate his ideas.

The richness and profoundity of this novel is not often encountered: The exquisite love story of Jean-Paul is set against the ugliness and pain of human existence. Be the first to discover new talent!

His acid observations of the French middle class, the poor and those living in the gutter. May 09, Josh rated it it was amazing.

GEMINI by Michel Tournier | Kirkus Reviews

Not very politically correct! The Anointing of Alexandre. Jean and Paul are the actual failures, failing at honesty with each other, with themselves, with the world at large. Paul sleeps with an unknowing Sophie Paul back at home, his left arm and leg amputated partially?

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But as they grow up Jean begins to feel the suffocation of Paul’s ovoid embrace. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

When at long last the book does get to a discussion of the twins, it’s introduced in retrospect through one brother’s awareness that twinship is generally perceived as monstrous: Michel Tournier was a French writer. The second half has Paul following Jean all over the world trying to restore their “geminate unit. One can be as judgmental as they want to be about this, admittedly difficult material, but that doesn’t stop this book’s power from flowing from sentence to sentence, from meaning to meaning, from thought to thought.

I read this within months of rereading Twins by Bari Wood, a sensationalistic mass market novel on the same theme.

Get fast, free shipping with Michhel Prime. Wojnarowicz an ardent proletariat spewing contempt on heterosexuality and the middle classes from below; Alexandre doing the same, but from a rarified, Romantic perspective.