Thousands of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) supporters converged on Durban’s King Zwelithini Stadium at the launch of the party’s election. President Zuma was the worst leader since , but the IFP could still save the a rapturous welcome at the launch of the IFP’s election manifesto. An injured Mangosuthu Buthelezi received a rapturous welcome at the launch of the IFP’s election manifesto.

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Electoral competition took the place of a violent power struggle. The ANC has welcomed the decision to place the Mogalakwena local municipality under administration. View More View More.

In either scenario this was down from the 4. As pointed out by many observers, a key strength of the ANC has been an enviable combination of internal debate and loyalty to the party that has helped it reinvent itself in the face of periodic crises. Starting from aroundthis competition took a violent dimension, leading to a low-intensity conflict that politicised and violently cleansed settlements as either Inkatha or UDF-aligned.

Ironically, an urban-rural electoral divide is emerging in South Africa, one election after it has disappeared in KwaZulu-Natal. Create Account Lost Your Password? A parent is seething after a teacher allegedly told her child he reminded her of the president, who cannot count properly. This chapter will describe and explain the decline of the IFP through electoral politics, the relationship of political party to the state and internal organisational culture.

Cope secretary-general Lyndall Shope-Mafole has urged young South Africans to take the power of their vote seriously. While donning the colours of the ANC and manifeto many former ANC leaders amongst its ranks, Inkatha also embraced aspects of Zulu culture and tradition. An obvious implication of the fall of the IFP is a shift in the nature of politics in KwaZulu-Natal from a two-party system to a more multi-party context, but one in which the ANC is now dominant.

Lastly, the decline of the IFP is an event that impacts on national politics — albeit ironically by bolstering Jacob Zuma. Notably, this near-perfect mirroring ends in with the rise of the NFP.

Indeed, Buthelezi is more talented, ambitious and charismatic than most of his era. Despite these losses, the IFP has continued its general strategy intoincluding the same approach to campaigning it has embraced since The challenge for party leaders is to strike the right balance between democratic space and party discipline — a delicate balancing act irresolvable outside of specific cases.


With the good performance of the IFP in electionespecially in the province of KwaZulu-Natal where it won an outright majority, and its incorporation into the Government of National Ip, party competition steadily took less violent and more institutional forms.

It was discovered the following day, when he returned to Durban, that he had sustained a knee injury,” she said. This included a full scale land audit.

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Within this largely consistent trend, there are some nuances. The story of the decline of the IFP is not just one captured in electoral time, but spatially too. In moving from implication to lessons, the first one is, as with other homeland parties, the limit to social bases formed under homeland rule as an enduring form of popular mobilisation.

Indeed, such was the growth of rural support for the ANC inthat the urban-rural divide has lost its significance for voting patterns in the province.

Thousands attend IFP manifesto launch

What this means is that while the IFP was good at retaining its traditional support, despite under-targeting these constituencies much in campaigning, it failed to attract new voters. Four parties still to comply: Click here to sign up. Election break was decisive as lost access to state resources and patronage politics to secure support. While the IFP did better than most in retaining its core constituency, it also struggled to attract new and younger voters not associated with these historical relations.

Neither side conceded any ground, and both left the meeting feeling affronted. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. From being focused in the major cities of the south inthe ANC first spreads to the surrounding rural areas in the south inthe begins slowly to make inroad into the urban areas of the north inbefore winning rural areas in the north inand pushing through to near complete dominance in Cambridge University,p.

Furthermore, within the province, IFP dominance was established in rural areas under the traditional authorities of the KwaZulu Bantustan of the apartheid era. In it secured just 2. Streets outside the stadium were filled with busses and taxis bearing IFP colours and Buthelezi’s portrait. Campaigning and complaining To a significant extent the campaign followed the same fundamental pattern as preceding ones in terms of the substance of the message, and the design of the campaign, but with two significant sets of differences.


The ANC, conversely, has roots in the working-class settlements of the cities, and with the re-emergence of radical urban movements in the s, a power-struggle erupted between the two actors for leadership of black politics.

IFP election manifesto focuses on eradication of corruption | News | National | M&G

By the start of negotiations in the conflict had already claimed hundreds of lives, and during the negotiations years manifesgo intensified into the tens of thousands. He said that the issue of land reform needed to be urgently addressed.

Buthelezi had ruptured his quadriceps tendon, the connective tissue that binds the muscles of the thigh to the kneecap, said Van der Merwe.

The desire to project the party as a national player, and investment to this end, has simply not paid off. If the IFP is symbolised by the elephant, then the elephant is well on its way to the graveyard. At the same time, the rights of farmworkers needed to be protected.

Employees call cops on black hotel guest talking on ifpp cellphone.

‘Inkatha Freedom Party: The Elephants Graveyard’ | Laurence Piper –

He said the country’s health system was in a crisis. We didn’t balk at going to the Constitutional Igp on that occasion either, and the Constitutional Court ordered government to do as the IFP was doing. If the decline of the IFP demonstrates the limitations of ethnicity for political mobilisation, the rise of the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal affirms the resilience of traditional authorities and worldviews, best represented in the person of Jacob Zuma. Central here has been the tendency to a personality cult around the figure of Buthelezi, closing down space for new leaders, new idea and now constituencies to emerge.

The Elections, Johannesburg: Toggle navigation Toggle profile. It is possible to have a national liberation movement led by a post-colonial traditionalist, if not an ethnic nationalist.