He is the author of the Carb-Nite Solution, and is releasing a new book that is designed for rapid fat loss and muscle gain. John is coming on Bulletproof. The Carb Nite Solution has ratings and 13 reviews. on concrete, verifiable research, John Kiefer has spent over a decade trying to discover a way to shed. Using Carb Nite she could easily schedule her nights of carbs around family events and enjoy the The Carb Nite Solution by John Kiefer.

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Erika rated it liked it Jul 22, Carb Nite is NOT a cheat meal.

Never before would I have believed I could eat donuts and cheesecake to lose the unwanted pounds. Stay up-to-date with us! Again, it is something that each individual will have to play with based on their goals.

I began to read everything I could on the body, weight lifting, and dieting to try to fix what I thought was my screwed up genetics. It was my behavior around the stealing of cookies that was cause for concern.

But in saying that, you will likely need some guidance from a health care provider to help moderate your refeeds and ensure you’re achieving the goal on these nights without throwing blood sugar levels off or causing hypoglycemia episodes. Also, when you do the Carb-Nite do you keep your fat intake low while taking in the carbs and sugar?


Shana Wolfe rated it really liked it May 04, This is a very simple read and it explains the basics of the diet well.

Sticking to my diet became more and more difficult after the first week. Both health and performance Health Performance.

But being scared to partake in a celebration of some kind with a glass of wine left me feeling like an outsider. This guy has a jobn knack for sniffing out the latest truths about diet and exercise. I monitor my carb intake with an app.

Products by John Kiefer

You can continue to accumulate MORE fat… and look in the mirror tomorrow and see more of the same… but fatter. The idea is to burn fat, and only fat as opposed to most other diets which cause you to burn muscle as wellfor the duration of the diet nlte to 6 months. Kollster rated it really liked it Jul 25, Also, will eating other protein or fat foods not listed in the book hurt?

Then, late one night, I had a run in with a couple of dozen donuts. He has taken the ultra-low carb approach to dieting and added what he claims to be an essential piece: Then save dessert for as close to bedtime as possible, so you can enjoy your much deserved treat and then hit the hay!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Apr 09, Jess Dollar rated it liked it. Nevertheless, there is a vibrant online community both on the author’s website and on various Facebook groups that will guide you through any difficulties you may have finding what works best for your inte. Glenda Glayzer rated it did not like it Jul 16, OptinMonster is the 1 lead generation platform for WordPress.


Talk about buzz kill. Jphn book on the science behind burning fat vs. My son has always worked out and been very active so has always been in pretty good shape.

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The Carb Nite Solution

She comes from a large family, who celebrates regularly with copious amounts Filipino cuisine. Your period makes darb much harder to get that water weight off, and you end up looking and feeling bloated. Your success depends on a full enjoyment of Carb Nite. Nov 12, Phil rated it it was amazing. The real life cookie monster.

What is Carb Nite?

Of course I have a long way to go, my goal is 75 more pounds. I remember one fitness friend advise me that for every drink or shot of alcohol I had I should do an additional 45 minutes of cardio to my normal routine.

During the week—and all the time, actually—they were fine as long as they just smoked and went to bed.