Kushiel’s Mercy is the third and final book in the Imriel trilogy. It begins with Imriel returning from Alba with Sidonie after burying Berlik’s head at the foot of. Not only did Kushiel’s Mercy mirror events from the previous two Imriel books but it touched upon Phèdre’s trilogy as well. Imriel and Sidonie’s. Kushiel’s Mercy by Jacqueline Carey, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It turned out to be somewhere between the two. There will be a priest of Elua seeking an audience with you to discuss these things. Another masterpiece filled with oushiel, passion, politics, age-old magics, loyalties, and love.

Kushiel’s Mercy Chapter One

Phedre is queer, and it’s no big deal, which is amazing for a main character, especially in a fantasy novel. Naturally, it raised the bar sky-high and created lofty expectations that could not possibly be met by whatever came next. Imriel and Sidone’s relationship was the backbone of a complex story full of politics, sex, magic, and death.

Though it’s by no means a slim tome, it is no doorstopper of a book, the way its predecessors were. But there’s only so much of Imriel-as-Leander we can take before we need Imriel again. It makes me uncomfortable to see them so wrong, for once. You won’t be disappointed! But we had agreed that once we reached the Palace, diplomacy and tact would serve us better than flagrant public displays of passion.

His otherwise decent character development reminiscent of a watered-down Jezal in the first law was rendered meaningless by the whole bodyswitch thing.

Kushiel’s Mercy – Wikipedia

One person found this helpful. Richly detailed and imagined in terms of cultures, religions, and politics, like all kjshiel predecessors Kushiel’s Mercy is another textured and sophisticated novel that hits all the right buttons. The thing is that the original three novels were good.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. I’d ,ercy glorious dreams of styling myself a hero in the manner I believed Joscelin to be. Despite everything, the love I felt for her was undiminished. The first volume was a coming-of-age story. Most crucially the under-stated fantasy and journeys of self discovery in the previous books are replaced with a story of a kidnapped princess, an ensorcelled k After really enjoying the previous 2 instalments in the kushil see my review of Kushiels justice, you know you want to I found this one to be a pretty big disappointment.


Kjshiel are your thoughts on this movement, the audience’s response to such books, and fantasy tropes in general? We took the sensible route and waited. Kushiel’s Legacy American novels American fantasy novels s novel stubs.

As always, Carey pulls no punches but of course, there is the requisite happy ending. Kusjiel that I thought he was whiny, but emotionally it was stressful f Wow. I have such mixed feelings about this book-this series.

And yet, Imriel is deeply flawed himself and his point of view, though it took some getting used to, now works nearly as well as that of his foster mother. Already, as a young man, I have gone further than I could have imagined as a boy daydreaming in the Sanctuary of Elua where I was raised.

I really enjoyed the second book in the series, but the other 2 were mostly pointless and not worthy of the author I wish I knew of such a portal: I just don’t really like Imriel. In short, although certainly this trilogy is subordinate than the first it has its value. In addition to my In a Nutshell comments, let me add that I loved the transformation that some of the characters from other books went through in this book.

Ultimately, it was less pornographic than I might have expected, and much as I enjoyed Imriel, I didn’t grow to like him and Sidonie as much as I did Phedre and Joscelin – and yet, I’m very glad to have decided to read it. So I close the last page of Imri’s story with a great deal of sadness.

The ‘wise ape’ was also an interesting character and I wish we’d seen more of the 2. With the force of determination and love on his mind, Imriel will need to traverse the earth in order to save the love of his life, and the land he calls home. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt’s Compleat EnchanterHarold Shea is able to travel to the worlds of literature by focusing his mind on a mathematical formula, a mantra, if you will, that transports him to the worlds of the Norse sagas and Spenser’s Faerie Queenamong others.


The lingering effects of Melisande’s betrayal still lies thick in the air, and the realm is immediately suspicious that Imriel is following in his mother’s footsteps, planning to usurp the throne. Her majesty will send for you at a later time to express her gratitude in person for your brave deeds. But Jacqueline introduces a few surprising elements in this book including a first-person perspective of a new character in Leander Maignardsome powerful sorcery that is straight out of a Disney fairy tale—though with a much darker bent—and various other little twists that keeps the reader second-guessing.

Even the darkest and more shocking scenes are written with a distinctive literary grace that makes them even more powerful than they would be in the hands of a less gifted author. Was she your lover? Audible Audiobook Verified Purchase. While by no means perfect I still think it’s an effective test. Iain Banks’ Culture and Jacqueline Carey’s Terre d’Ange, where “love as thou wilt” is the creed by which all of its citizens strive to live.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Tangent warning I’ve often thought that a good measure of how good a fantasy plot is seeing how the plot holds up with magic suddenly removed. I could not finish Imriel is a more likeable character than he starts out in his series – but not nearly as kuhsiel as when appearing in the final book of Phedre’s trilogy.

Finally, I am done with this second trilogy in a trilogy of trilogies.