The Malcador Infernus is a mobile fortress like its brothers, with an enormous wound count, a strong 3+ save and Toughness 8. The key feature. The Malcador Infernus tank can be outfitted with a variety of upgrades . dozen Forge Worlds across the Imperium to standards only usually. Quick Malcador Infernus question – posted in + HORUS HERESY RULES +: Is the Malcador Infernus a legal ROW legion option? At first glance.

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Infernud Imperial armies Project log! Plus its coupled to a super heavy with good durability and movement. I like the look and name of the Annihilator. The primary weapon system, a massive Twin-linked Earthshaker Cannon, is housed in a wide, centralized axis point, and features a complex hydraulic recoil suppression system. I do agree though, it does look awesome.

30Kplus40K: Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Malcador Infernus Special Weapons Tank

Newer Post Older Post Home. The regular Malcador is a heavy support however: Its important to have a balanced list with the infernus as you are relying on other aspects of your army to effectively deal with high AV and crack troops out of transports for a toasting OR to effectively deal with flyers that can get around your side armour to shoot you in the rear.

The Malcador Defender can be outfitted with a variety of upgrades and attachments, such as Camouflage Netting, Extra Armour Plating, an improved communications system, a Hunter-Killer Missile Launcher, a mine sweeper, a pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber, rough terrain modifications, track guards, a Searchlight, and Smoke Launchers.

I emailed ForgeWorld and they told me that it is perfectly legal to take a Malcador Infernus with Salamanders, however, I have had people fight that in other forums and saying that FW support is wrong.

As a result, they are rarely deployed amongst the Imperial Guard’s armored regiments. Retrieved from ” https: Rules wise though, isn’t the Infernus just a giant Hellhound?

However, they can not be taken in Squadrons and infernuz Forge World’s inferior version of Grinding Advance, which simply eliminates the BS penalty for firing the Demolisher cannon that the Annihilator and Defender carry.

I’m assuming you mean a LoW? While not quite as indestructible as the famous Banebladethey indeed fulfill their role nicely as a “Light Superheavy Tank”. The Malcador with Battle Cannon The Malcador Annihilator I’ve actually made my own M’khand Pattern Exterminator, but can’t sort a picture out for it atm rles it’s no painted and it just looks like a black brick in the image.


Keep yourself backed away from it if you think it going to go down in a turn. At first glance, it appears that it isn’t, am I missing something? Like the Predator variant of the same name, the Malcador Annihilator has a set of twin-linked lascannons in its turret, though unlike the Predator, these cannons can only turn 30 degrees to either side which would later come and bite it in the ass as its immobile main turret can also prove to be a problem in a chaotic engagement where the lines of battle interpenetrate and the foe’s infantry or armor units can take advantage of the Malcador’s limited firing arc.

The Malcador Annihilator was originally conceived as a field modification carried out on battle-damaged or unfinished production hulls intended to “up-gun” the tank’s weaponry and extend its battlefield utility. Valdor Tank Hunter Malcador Infernus. Its protection was greater than the ubiquitous Rhino and it is equipped with either a powerful twin-linked lascannon or a mighty demolisher cannon at the expense of some of its transport capacity.

Their hunting lances are particularly threatening for multi-wound models — things like those pesky Primarius Space Marines will want to avoid them…if they can! Imperium 1 and Warhammer 40, — Index: Password Please enter a password for your user account. The massive gout of flames launched from the Inferno Gun is also effective at clearing mines, the sudden heat detonating mine fuses and making large areas safe much quicker than alternative methods. Feel free to let me know how it works out, I am always keen to have my ideas either confirmed or refuted by actual experience: The Explorator Adaptation is actually partially redundant, as Super-Heavies automatically pass Dangerous Terrain Tests, but the save against Blasts is still nice to have.

Ackland 6 June at Equipped with a fearsome array of weapons of its own, the Dracosan could steadfastly defend itself against enemy counter-attack and pound enemy positions to dust before the auxiliaries disembarked to storm what remained of their objective.

Every model, weapon and piece of wargear has its own points value, and every weapon has a profile. Views Read Edit View history. That and the fact that it can deliver what amounts to a shot from a twin-linked basilisk point-blank. They need to be so they can get into a good position to charge — because that is where they bring the pain.

  ASTM D 422-63 PDF

The Malcador is now actually somewhat good! So while they still have certainly not dethroned the Leman Russ as the lord and master of Imperial armor, taking them is now actually a ifernus tactic. Although it is rumored like always that the Minotaur is stockpiled by those greedy fucks in the thousands inside of Departmento Munitorum storehouses, only specialized siege companies of the Imperial Malcadro will ever get to deploy their awesome firepower.

Malcador Heavy Tank

Astra Militarum drops June 23! In all honesty, though, the Malcador on the table malcafor would need a notable buff in durability for this to be practical. Imperium 2 to make full use of this book and its contents. Castellan-class robot – Cataphract-class robot – Colossus-class robot Conqueror-class robot – Crusader-class robot – Scyllax-class robot Thanatar-class robot – Vultarax stratos-automata.

If Toughness 8 and 18! BB code is On. Its sponson weapons angles are dreadful, its main gun mxlcador limited traverse, it actually has worse armour values than the Leman Russ as said beforeits overpriced for what it brings, and it has the chance to immobilize itself whenever it moves, which if nothing ibfernus is crunch that pretty accurately matches the fluff. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Please note — you will need a copy of the Warhammer 40, rulebook, Warhammer 40, — Index: The Malcador Infernus is a Super Heavy tank which for a simple heavy support slot gives it a huge amount of survivability.

Of course, the current rendition of it sets the Malcador’s unit type as “Superheavy, Fast Tank”, which is hilariously redundant. There’s actually another 2 variants but it’s not really in the same league. Welcome to The Bolter and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all of our features. Now, we are getting a closer look at the true heroes of the Imperium — the Astra Militarum! Do note that infernux thing is cheese incarnate. Its only redeeming quality is that its more survivable thanks to being a super heavy vehicle, though all of its positives end infrnus.

Other then the numerous problems as listed above, malcaeor is also the consideration on how much this tank gets treated in-universe as well.