Table of Contents. Chapter 1. StarUML Overview. What is StarUML; Key Features ; System Requirements. Chapter 2. Basic Concepts. Model, view and diagram. If you have StarUML V1 model files .uml), you can import by selecting File | Import | StarUML 1 File .uml). . Note: Deleting View Elements do not delete Model Elements. Uninstall extension of old version manually. 2. StarUML™ is a software modeling platform that supports UML (Unified .. Unlike units, model fragments are not referenced by other files and do not order to delete an imported framework, you have to delete all the related units manually.

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The deletion in the batch, the template is not remove and only deleted from the batch.

Makes navigable association relationship from target element to the current element. Makes transition relationship from target element Initial State to the current element.

Group name of the template. Parameters required for the template. Constraints are regulations applied to elements.

Output path that the user selected. A project can contain many diagrams.

Asynchronous Model Validation Many model validation rules are defined and checked asynchronously whenever you save mqnual open your model files. Type of generated artifact. In order to edit a diagram, the diagram must be opened.


Model elements can also be created without being displayed in the diagram. Makes stimulus that has a return relationship from target element to the current element. Statechart Diagram expresses the static behaviors of a specific object through states and their transitions.

Installing a template is very simple. The target element History linking with the current element makes a link of transition. Use Case Diagram is an expression of relations between the use cases in a specific system or object and the external actors. In order to sort models, click [Align as saving order] or [Align as Alphabetical order].

Chapter 8. Generating Codes and Documents

The basic rule of the shortcut generation syntax is as follows. The list of amnual elements varies from one diagram type to another. If any, specify an example model for the template. Visibility of the elements displayed in these compartments can be configured to be shown or hidden. The target element Final State linking with the current element makes a link of transition. Extension Manager Easily discover and install third-party extensions.

StarUML User Guide (Modeling with StarUML)

A warning message will appear if the name conflicts with another element. Specify whether to show the progress of generation or not. Related files or starml page URLs can be attached to elements.


If any, specify all related files to the template. The target element linking with the current element makes a link of compose. There is no restriction making PowerPoint slides, so you can generate various slides for presentation automatically with reduction of writing efforts.

The first is template description file. Composite Structure Diagram is a diagram to express internal structure of Classifier. Specify whether to generate Index or not. The target element with Fork linking with the current element makes a link of transition.

Please exercise caution because deleting a model element results in deletion of the following elements. Model-Driven Development Modeling data are stored in a very simple JSON format, so it can be used easily to generate custom codes by user-defined templates mdgen.