Industrial Security Manual, Section 08 DOD $R, Information 14 SUDIO ‘. Gun Failure, Carl Gustaf, MAAWS, M3, Composites, Composite Gun Barrels, .. CUTTING PLAN FOR 84MM M3 RR SER# I. 1. -. 3/4″DISK. The new Carl-Gustaf M4 is a man-portable multi-role illuminate the night sky, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is for you. 84mm TPT 84mm TP 84mm. HEAT The Carl-Gustaf system is a true multi-role, man-portable artillery system that allows the infantryman to defeat armoured vehicles with add-on armour protection.

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Other new features include a red-dot sight, a travel safety catch to allow the M4 to be carried while loaded, an adjustable shoulder rest and forward grip for improved mmanual, a shot counter to keep track of how many rounds have been fired to manage the weapon’s 1,round barrel life, picatinny rails for grips and sight mounts, and a remote round management function so intelligent sights can “talk” to programmable rounds.

The basic weapon consists of the main tube with the breech-mounted Venturi recoil damper, with two grips near manaul front and a shoulder mount. The Defence Capabilities Blueprint replaces this content.

The Gustaf was soon sold around the world and became one of the primary squad -level anti-tank weapons for many West European armies. The information on this page is provided for advisory purposes only and is current as of the date of publication. In addition, improved HEAT, high explosive HEsmoke and illumination star shell or flare ammunition is also available.

Canadian soldier reloads the Carl-Gustaf M3 recoilless rifle. The 84mm Carl Gustaf Upgrade Project will introduce new lighter weight recoilless rifles and a new sighting and fire control system that is compatible with the family of existing and future natures of 84mm ammunition, and that will allow for firing under obscuration and low light conditions, while increasing accuracy in all firing conditions.

A key benefit of the M3E1 is that it can fire multiple types of rounds, giving Soldiers increased capability on the battlefield. Archived from the original on 10 April Inthe U. Weapons and ammunition introduced in Anti-tank weapons Military equipment — Recoilless rifles Weapons of Sweden.


The Gustaf allows airburst capability of troops in defilade out to 1, meters, and high explosive use out to 1, meters.

Ammunition is ,anual carried in special plastic containers, which hold two types of ammunition each. While the older HEAT rounds are not particularly effective against modern tank armor, the weapon has found new life as a bunker-buster with an HEDP round.

It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. The rear part of the barrel is fitted with gustzv nozzle, which is hinged to allow loading of the ammunition and ejection of the fired cases or unfired rounds.

ARCHIVED – 84mm Carl Gustaf Upgrade

In Australia, it is irreverently known as “Charlie Gutsache” guts ache, slang for stomach painor “Charlie Swede”. Although the single-shot AT-4 is lighter and can be carried by one person, a Gustaf team with the heavier recoilless rifle can reload and fire more rounds. Introduced init mahual one of the many recoilless rifle designs of that era.

By that time, Saab was developing a weight-reduced version prior to the SOCOM release that demonstrated no decrease in performance, no increase in recoil, and nearly equivalent barrel life that could be ready for government testing in Repeatedly firing the Gustaf can also cause related shock wave injuries to gunners and those nearby.

Please direct all media enquiries to the department of National Defence’s Media Relations Office at The wiring harness was included in the M3E1 configuration that provides a foregrip controller and programmable fuze setter for an interchangeable fire control system. In Novemberthe U.

An operating handle called the “Venturi lock” is used to move the hinged breech to one side for reloading.

Carl-Gustaf – Modern Firearms

Retrieved 29 December While the SMAW weighs 2. To achieve that, the case rim has a special indexing recess. In latethe Army fielded 58 M3s and 1, rounds of ammunition to units deployed to Afghanistan to destroy enemy targets out to 1, meters. Unlike these weapons, however, the Gustaf used a rifled barrel vustav spin-stabilizing its rounds, as opposed to fins used by the other systems. Bloomsbury Publishing, Oct 20, Their first design, a shoulder-fired, single shot weapon, fired a20mm solid projectile from a rifled barrel.


ARCHIVED – 84mm Carl Gustaf Upgrade

The Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle Swedish pronunciation: It is important to note that these contact details are provided for use by interested industry partners only. A subsequent review of the contractor-supplied fatigue test data determined that the data did guztav meet U. Army requires that they be fired from a standing position. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on Many armies continue to use it as a viable anti-armor weapon, especially against s- and s-era tanks and other armored vehicles still in use worldwide.

Unitary ammunition of 84mm caliber is loaded into aluminum cases with open bottoms,closed by plastic pressure discs. Small Arms Survey One person would carry the launcher and be armed with a pistol for personal protection, and the other gutsav carry 5—6 rounds of ammunition and act as a spotter for the gunner.

The ammunition alsois manufactured in several countries which use the Carl-Gustaf launchers,including the Belgium and India. Archived from the original on 18 July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For full effectiveness, illumination rounds have to be fired at a very high angle, gustzv a danger for the gunner as the backblast from firing can burn him. Saab has also developed a new high explosive round that has a direct fire range of 1, meters when using a fire control system.


The external steel parts were also replaced with plastics and aluminium alloys. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Armies of the Gulf War. Soldiers were being engaged with RPGs at meters, while their light weapons had effective ranges of — meters.