Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Open City editor Pinchbeck’s book debut is a . Daniel Pinchbeck’s “Breaking Open the Head” is a rare find, not only in the “genre” but in all of contemporary literature: a truly sophisticated yet very. Breaking Open the Head has ratings and reviews. Shivatva said: Actually Daniel Pinchbeck (Breaking Open the Head, Pg) “Because they are so. Gary Lachman on Daniel Pinchbeck’s drug-assisted journey of self-discovery, Breaking Open the Head.

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I LOVE this book! It was easy for me to imagine myself and the botanist burned at the stake by angry Bwiti who felt we were ruin- ing their ritual — we were two pale-faced sad sacks desperate to know the tribal mysteries ponchbeck but it was impossible that they would hurt the analyst. The Flaming Lo- tus was a harmonious mixture of force, fire, and feminity — the kind of spectacle found at Burning Man, and nowhere else.

The festival rewires your sense of what is possible now. But the sizzle is gone from the hippie tourist industry. Published pinchbeciBreaking Open the Head covers, in Pinchbeck’s words, the cultural history of psychedelic use, philosophical and critical perspectives on shamanismand his personal transformation from a cynical New York litterateur to psychedelic acolyte.

I began my own psychedelic education as one of its many beneficiaries. And yet, if shamanism is a universal human phenomenon, we pos- sess the innate ability to regain everything we have lost. Iboga is another natu- ral resource, but it will never be exploited for export by the Gabonese.

The Bwiti were strict about this rule; whenever I stopped shaking the rattles throughout the night, a tribesman would rush up to me and force me to continue. It is hard to imagine what middle-class readers of Life must have thought as they read about mystical revelations produced in an elo- quent WASP banker by eating a handful of foul-tasting mushrooms with a bunch of primitive Indians.


We hope soon they will start teaching Bwiti again in the schools. The King began to shout again. For the ceremony they wanted us to eat iboga again. Trees and plants glowed with patience and intelligence, as if expressing a deeper wisdom. Among the attendants at Burning Man can be found a tremendous brain trust of scientists and technicians, Silicon Valley engineers and CEOs.

Review: Breaking Open the Head by Daniel Pinchbeck | Books | The Guardian

This thr another long and tense negotiation. Over a decade, I knew at least half a dozen people — bright, artistic, confused — who died from overdoses. Alain Dukaga, an English- speaking Gabonese with a limp, who acted as our translator, first told me: Is it possible that we have demonized hallucino- gens because we fear the contents of our own minds?

I was driven to try iboga by a yearning that went far deeper than the desire to get a good story. He stormed out of the room. Above all, transformation of the self. We can see only that which we are, we cannot tue that which we are not.

Deborah Mash from the University of Miami is the only government-sanctioned researcher currently studying ibogaine as a treatment for addiction. Apr 30, Derek Pegritz rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Articles lacking reliable references from June All articles lacking reliable references Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from November Articles with permanently dead external links All stub articles.

How could it be when none of the major religions of the world are shamanic in the classic sense? Shakespeare allowed his audience of merchants and nobles to cathartically relive the animist and fantastic beliefs their society was in the process of shedding.

Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey Into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism

Since November of to present day August 27, I have read an estimated books. Our guide tried to bargain with him, but Lieberman seemed to have little authority among the Bwiti. Iboga had revealed some dangers fac- ing her, so she was staying at the temple for a few days of healing ritu- als. But the best part of this book is the message that really gets driven home to the heart of who we are, the potential of what breakimg have yet to learn about ourselves, something humankind has barely scratched the surface of– which he saves for the few chapters toward the end.


So complete that no outsider could dis- turb it. A small iboga plant sprouted up between their legs. Or, actually, a weird old one, known for millennia to tribal shamans.

Full text of “Daniel Pinchbeck BREAKING OPEN THE HEAD”

There was a strain of self-aware humor in the melodies. Children, hens, and roosters wandered freely around dirt paths and chaotic patches of garden. Because the Mazatec country is difficult to ac- cess, the Indians have preserved their own language and culture — an estimated half of the forty thousand Mazatecs living in the mountain- ous land beyond Huautla don’t speak Spanish.

When it was stoked full and the bellows was pumped, the Heart actually beat a deep red. They sang, and we sang with them.

Holy smoke

The word Bwiti simply plnchbeck the experience of the iboga plant, which is the essence of love. This was crude but prag- matic psychology on the part of The King: They believe God is within the universe and the universe is within God. Antidepressants fit our society’s underlying biases. Alcohol fired up my id, sent me staggering across endless parties and barroom floors in an aggressive, sometimes successful, pursuit of sex.