THE bell rang furiously and, when Miss Parker went to the tube, a furious voice called out in a piercing North of Ireland accent: “Send Farrington here!”. Free summary and analysis of Counterparts in James Joyce’s Dubliners that won’ t make you snore. We promise. “Counterparts” is a short story by James Joyce published in his collection Dubliners. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Background; 3 References; 4 External links.

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This failure is also significant as it through his losing to Weathers that Farrington begins to develop resentment towards Weathers. Counterpzrts he not keep his tongue in his cheek? Chamber Music Pomes Penyeach He had done for himself in the office, pawned his watch, spent all his money; and he had not even got drunk.

Short Story Analysis: Counterparts by James Joyce – The Sitting Bee

No, the cashier was no good, no damn good: It is through repetition, that Farrington in essence is going nowhere and remains doing the same things, daily. He felt strong enough to clear out the whole office singlehanded. The head itself was so pink and hairless it seemed like a large egg reposing on the papers. However, his revelries end in two humiliations: That was the dart! Alleyne gets angry at Farrington, yells at him, and ends up embarrassing him in front of countefparts Miss Delacour, which makes Farrington feel even more miserable.

The boy uttered a ddubliners of pain as the stick cut his thigh.

The man sat down heavily on one of the chairs while the little boy lit the lamp. Weathers saluted them and told the company that they were out of the Tivoli. Understand once for all that you get a half an dublinerd for your lunch and not an hour and a half.


The dark damp night was coming and dublinesr longed to spend it in the bars, drinking with his friends amid the glare of gas and the clatter of glasses. At the corner of Duke Street Higgins and Nosey Flynn bevelled off to the left while the other three turned back towards the city.

Get help with your homework. Retrieved from ” https: Look up counterpart in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Alleyne had hounded little Peake out of the office in order to make room for his own nephew. He had a hanging face, dark wine-coloured, with fair eyebrows and moustache: She was sitting beside his desk now in an aroma of perfumes, smoothing the handle of her umbrella and nodding the great black feather in her hat.

Wait till you see! I might as well be talking to the wall as talking to you. It is through this repetition that the reader also realises that Joyce is placing emphasis on one of the main themes of the story, the theme of paralysis.

As with a lot of stories in Dubliners, Joyce also appears to be attacking the Catholic Church. Farrington stood a drink in his turn.

Counterparts (short story)

Routine and the repetition are two themes present in this story. He had been obliged to offer an abject apology to Mr. Well, you better look sharp and get a dubkiners of our correspondence in the Delacour case for Mr. He also brought his problems back into his home with him later that night, and took them out on his son founterparts beating him. All the indignities of his life enraged him. The barometer of his emotional nature was set for a spell of riot.

Views Read Edit View history. He crammed his cap back again into his pocket and re-entered the office, assuming an air of absentmindedness. He came out of the pawn-office joyfully, making a little cylinder, of the coins between his thumb and fingers.


An immense scarf of peacock-blue muslin was wound round her hat and knotted in a great bow under her chin; and she wore bright yellow gloves, reaching to the elbow.

It is also possible that Counterparfs at the end of the story is suggesting that a continued reliance on the Church and its practices will not save or protect a person.

Alleyne, a little man wearing gold-rimmed glasses on a cleanshaven face, shot his head up over a pile of documents. There was something striking in her appearance. THE bell rang furiously and, when Miss Parker went to the tube, a furious voice called out in a piercing North of Ireland accent:. The man got up from his desk.

Due to his inability to concentrate on his work, he fails to complete the task. This may be Joyce suggesting the fact that Farrington is similar to other people. He was so angry that he lost count of the conversation of his friends. The man drank it at a gulp and asked for a caraway seed. Alleyne began to upset all the papers, searching for something.

He felt his great body again aching for the comfort of the public-house. All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from March All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with LibriVox links.

Throughout the story Farrington was feeling trapped and wished to escape that lonely and miserable feeling. The man felt that his position was bad enough.

Farrington pulled up his sleeve accordingly and showed his dubpiners muscle to the company. He longed to execrate aloud, to bring his fist down on something violently.