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Gay Dating Systems, Criminal Offenses, as well as Harms in India: New Instructions for Research Study and Theory

This paper suggests that gay dating platform-facilitated criminal offenses and abuses in India are generated as well as bolstered by architectural queerphobia and sex-negativity in Indian culture.1 man gay online dating from mumbai We highlight how sex-negativity and also queerphobia are embedded in Indian households, areas, criminal law, as well as the criminal justice system, which help produce/exacerbate these criminal activities. We provide some recommendations as to exactly how these can be transformed and assume that future empirical studies ought to focus on changing social structures producing/exacerbating these crimes. We likewise recommend that framing secure dating guidance in a much more sex-positive light will lower self-blame as well as better address these issues. Overall, we contend that a sex-positive queer-criminological academic lens will certainly use extra efficient methods on which to base preventative procedures and assist in supporting those experiencing such criminal offenses.

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