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Gay-themed Simpsons episode ‘Homer’s Fear’ nearly didn’t make it to air

It’s one of one of the most beloved – and also oft-quoted – Simpsons episodes ever before, however the 1997 traditional ‘Homer’s Anxiety’ extremely virtually didn’t make it to air.

A remarkable new article on The Ringer that takes a thorough take a look at the revolutionary episode, as well as author Alan Siegel reveals that network censors had an issue with the episode as a whole, considering it unsuited for television.

In Homer’s Anxiety, the Simpson family members have possibly their very first encounter with a freely gay individual in the kind of antique shopkeeper John (voiced by famous supervisor John Seas).

While the remainder of the family accept their new friend, Homer rejects John – and even thinks exposure to him might be ‘turningBart gay.

There’s a lot at play in the episode, as it deals with Homer’s bias, the Simpson family members’s direct exposure to a previously foreign gay culture, as well as John’s appreciation of his brand-new close friends for their ‘camp‘ value.

When Simpsons staff submitted scripts for network approval, censors usually responded with just a couple of notes, asking that particular lines or jokes be a little changed.

For Homer’s Anxiety, the team at The Simpons obtained dozens of notes concerning "each and every single thing in the episode that pertained to being gay or words ‘gay’," Simpsons showrunner Expense Oakley tells The Ringer.

The three pages of notes finished with one easy ruling: "The whole subject and material of this episode is undesirable for air."

" They really did not want anything to do with it fully," Oakley remembers – yet those working on The Simpons didn’t surrender on the episode.bart simpson is gay Instead, they charged ahead, really hoping that something would happen later in the process to make the network give way (a bold action, offered each Simpsons episode takes a year – and numerous bucks – to produce).

Amazingly, they caught a break. In the ensuing 10 months after the first script rejection, the network’s censor left and also was changed with a new – probably more forward-thinking – censor. When they resubmitted the episode, the Simpsons team received only one note back: "appropriate for program."

And say thanks to benefits. Homer’s Anxiety is taken into consideration on of the most effective episodes from The Simpsons’ gold years, racking up the show an Emmy Award and also gifting the world the immediately legendary ‘gay steel mill’ scene:

Dads: Photos by Bart Heynen that portray gay fatherhood in the USA

Bart as well as Rob with Ethan and also Noah at 630 AM. Antwerp, Belgium u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Papas‘ published by giant Publications

In Bart Heynen’s most current collection, Dads, we see more than 40 family members portrayed by the well-known Belgian digital photographer, offering a really varied group of fathers that have one point alike; they are gay and they have kids.

Ever since 2022, when same-sex marriage became lawful across the USA, there’s been an infant boom in the gay neighborhood. From New York City to Utah all these fathers go to the very beginning of a new period for gay men. Via fostering or the assistance of surrogates as well as egg donors, they have the ability to make their dream come true and also start a household of their very own.

Vernon and also Ricardo with their twin women in your home. Clinton, Maryland u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Daddies’ published by powerHouse Books

Dennis brushing Eu0301lan’s hair. Brooklyn, New York u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Fathers’ released by powerHouse Publications

Heynen uses us a window right into that brand-new and amazing globe, taking us on a journey as the children grow into grownups and the fathers grow older throughout his collection. It’s absolutely a reminder that households been available in several shapes, colours and also dimensions– however share much alike. There are even some shots of Bart with his partner Rob and also their 2 sons, Ethan as well as Noah.

Brought together for a new publication qualified Daddies, Heynen’s charming photos dropped a light on the every day lives of these family members– the parents of which weren’t able to be legitimately wed till very recently.bart simpson is gay His publication takes ideas from words of Harvey Fierstein: "Love, dedication, and also family are not heterosexual experiences, not heterosexual words, they are human words and also they come from all individuals".

Art as well as Jim with their child Ethan and also his fianceu0301e Rose. Divine Superintendence, Rhode Island u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Daddies’ released by powerHouse Publications

Glenn with his household speaking to the neighbors. Brooklyn, New York u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Daddies‘ released by giant Publications

Bart Heynen obtained a Master of Arts degree at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and also researched photography at the International Center of Digital Photography in New York City. He works as a freelance photographer and copes with his spouse and also twin children in New York City. Dads, released by powerHouse Publications, is his 3rd essay and also first publication in the United States.

Harrison and Christopher with their daugther Genhi. Brooklyn, New York u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Papas’ released by powerHouse Publications

Milo with her fathers and sis. New York City u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Papas’ released by giant Books

Tom as well as Mike with their kid Jack at a lacrosse method at Horace Mann Institution, Bronx, New York City

Johnny with his hubby and kids. Totowa, New Jacket u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Dads’ published by giant Publications

Txema and Pablo and their newborn child on the morning of his birth. Monticello, Minnesota u00a9 Bart Heynen from ‘Daddies’ released by giant Books

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Simpsons gay personalities: Who is LGBT in The Simpsons?

Struck TV program The Simpsons has actually been enjoyable visitors given that 1989, and throughout the years they have had several LGBT characters.

You might be surprised the number of Simpsons gay characters have actually appeared throughout the 30 periods up until now, in addition to the computer game and movie.

We have listed the numerous LGBT personalities in The Simpsons, from those freely gay, lesbian and also bi, to those that may be in the storage room.

After 27 seasons, Smithers lastly came out while singing a ballad about his unrequited love for Mr. Burns.

He is now honestly gay and also Marge even calls him her "gay friend." However some individuals really felt the story offered the program more than the LGBT area.

Largo, Lisa’s songs teacher, exposed himself as gay when he ran off with his soulmate– also called Dewey– a male he fulfilled at Moe’s Pub.

John is an instead camp fond memories shopkeeper who befriends the Simpson household, going into their house and also complimenting their interior decoration.

Roscoe is the gay supervisor of the Ajax Steel Mill.bart simpson is gay All of his staff members are likewise gay, and also during breaks, they change the mill to a gay nightclub.

Much like in the real world, The Simpsons has some romantic dramatization. Grady and Julio were originally presented as a couple yet in a later episode, Julio is wed to Simpsons character Thad.

Marge’s sis Patty was formerly closeted. She got on a float in the gay ceremony shouting "We’re gay! We’re glad! However do not inform Mother and father!"

Patty appeared to every person, including her sister Marge, in Season 16 when she virtually married Veronica.

Accuracy left her husband Charles for lesbian character Patty Bouvier. They claimed they were brought together as a result of a common disgust for Homer Simpson.

A lesbian Simpsons personality who resides in a lodge beyond Springfield with her spouse, who was mistaken for her other half in one episode.

Lots of people have speculated with Lisa Simpson is a lesbian. In episodes and the motion picture, she shows a liking for kids, but individuals still believe she may be yet to come out or even realise herself.

In one episode, it shows Lisa Simpson’s future. She had relationships with three girls (2 overlapping), yet she eventually takes place to marry Milhouse, recommending she’s bisexual.

Nevertheless, these connections might not be the Simpsons’ fact, so perhaps the timeline is false.

Omitting Marge, The Cool Moms are 4 mothers who are married with children. These girls kiss each other throughout their meetings whenever Marge is away.

Homer’s ex-girlfriend Candace hinted that she was bisexual when she told Homer that she would certainly dated more girls than he had.

Nigel is a billionaire who mosted likely to school with Mr Burns, and he meets Smithers with him.

Not just are there gay, lesbian as well as bi depiction, The Simpsons likewise has transgender characters.

A health club instructor at Springfield Grade school, Brunella took a sabbatical to have gender reassignment surgical procedure. She said that she would certainly return as Mr Pommelhorst, the new store teacher.

Stanlerina is a trans female and also her relative is Helen Lovejoy, who may also be an LGBT character– possibly trans herself, in addition to bisexual.

Although it’s never ever been formally verified, countless episodes have hinted that these 2 buddies are brought in to every other.

In the mobile game The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the Sea Captain suggested that he is homosexual.

He banters that Ned Flanders is homosexual because of his decorating tips, to which Flanders claims he’s not.

In reaction, the Skipper states, "Neither am I, wink-wink. Now allow’s reach decorating, Sweetheart."

In an episode embeded in the future, the children are gay as well as Bart recognizes but doesn’t out them, to Ned Flanders’ joy. This isn’t guaranteed though due to the nature of the episode.

Santa’s Little Helper could be depicted as bisexual as he’s seen panting excitedly at the Springfield gay satisfaction parade after a member of the Gay Dog Alliance winked at him.

In various other episodes, it’s recognized that he friends with female pets, She’s The Fastest and Rosa Barks.

In one episode, a visiting character called the Parson informs Helen’s husband Reverend Timothy Lovejoy that he "bear in mind [s] when [Helen Lovejoy] was Helen Schwartzbaum. As a matter of fact, I bear in mind when she was Harold Schwartzbaum."

Helen additionally claims, "Is that a woman’s voice I hear? Send her in," when she remained in the room awaiting her husband.

In The Simpsons Film, Bart Simpson is seen nude riding his skateboard.bart simpson is gay When he passes Ralph, the child smiles and also claims "I like men now!" implying he could be gay or bi.

And also the gay "Simpsons" animation character is … Patty

They stay in a various dimension and appreciate an extra flexible physics, but our counterparts in the animation continuum can’t appear to maintain their puffy little paws off our cultural rifts.

Is Bart Peeters Gay?

I realize you have to wonder to Discover if Bart Peeters is Homosexual, as well as I am going to show all consequently of that. Remain on this page for a couple minutes, as well as the mystery will certainly be revealed.

Everybody recognize what Bart Peeters desires us to believe. We’ve been Viewing him for a while and we have seen what he is up to. Bart Peeters has been dating girls for all his life, as well as most of us have enjoyed each the detractions that took place. After he first broke up with his partner of 3 years we all cried a while back. Till they were not they looked the optimal couple. Because that time, Bart Peeters has had connections, if you can even call these connections. However, it was great news for all the solitary ladies out there. Bart Peeters’s nights outside provided all a possibility.

The 2nd that made us question if Bart Peeters is gay or not Was when he began associating his so called close friend. He claims that he required a rest from all journalism, which had actually been around him the split second he took a woman out.bart simpson is gay Yet we are not so sure concerning it. From what I have actually seen on social networks, Bart Peeters is way also aware of his close friend. Spending a lot time with a various man and no lady friend, it’s doubtful, to state the least. Members of the entourage of Bart Peeters affirm what he claimed, as well as They all deny any distress concerning his sexual orientation. I truly don’t recognize if I Believe it or otherwise. It would take a Great deal more than simply that to eliminate the Possibility of an adjustment.

There are a lot of stereotypes, however fact be informed They all are incorrect. You can not tell because he takes pleasure in skin care items, same as you could not specify that a girl is gay due to the fact that she likes to dress in a boylike fashion, whether a man is homosexual. It goes deeper than that.

Sexual Orientation is the way he behaves concerning individuals of the similar sex. He’s that glow in his eyes that makes you take into consideration desire and wish. Not constantly, of course. When they’re amongst people of the specific very same sex gay people don‘t instantly obtain excited.bart simpson is gay When you’re hungry, it, and the web server brings among the steak you got. It is not challenging to tell a person has sensations towards the various other. You can virtually always discover the destination between both individuals of contrary sex, as well as why couldn’t you when it relates to people of the very same sex? It’s primarily the identical point.

Another sign that a person May Be gay can be shown by his Response of individuals on this problem. There are two feasible feedbacks. The individual concerned, one reveals a great deal of interest in talks regarding the neighborhood. He’s a gay rights activist and on more than one celebration speak about gay legal rights or other topics. But that alone is not an extremely clear indicator. You have to associate it. The following one is the specific opposite. The individual you are thinking of being homosexual is a homophobic as well as frequently makes comments against gays. It can suggest either things. He is homosexual but does not want to admit, or does not know completely.

Pals can tell a large amount of Coming to be homosexual.bart simpson is gay Browse to see with whom he’s presently socializing constantly. It is not a rule that individuals border themselves only with various gays, yet it is a lot easier for people to have a team where they can comprehend each various other, as opposed to not being permitted to reveal themselves right into groups that are straight. Maybe is homosexual has come out to them will. If he collapses among the homosexual friends often, the odds are that your sensations are right.

Regardless of all of the hints I defined above, don’t be quick to Attract a conclusion. Some individuals are longer than they seem like, and you likewise need to Always have proof before making a judgment.

Where I stand, the impacts are different Based on Social category. He then may be discriminated against, if a regular person is homosexual. In some manner, if he’s gay, he has to cover it as for his job is worried. The possibility of professional combination is significantly smaller than it is having a person that is directly. Approval in the place of work is slim, therefore it can cause some discomfort.

From my Perspective, the repercussions vary based on The category of people we’re currently describing. Individuals, like me and also you, are more probable to be discriminated against if they’re homosexual. Sexual orientation consists of a state in regards to their income.bart simpson is gay It might bring about pain and also swelling.

Of being gay, the impacts are different for many people. When We’re speaking about routine folks there’s still some predisposition when it pertains to professions. They do not always procure on the fact that they are discriminated against in the office. Individuals might disclose distress.

The effect on the profession of someone differs depending Social category. Folks may have to sustain due to their sexual preference in their place of business. Some people do not accept that someone is gay, as well as their prejudice is manifested by them. Intolerance continually triggers pain, which can be bad news for individuals of a different sexual orientation.

Proceeds to victimize Individuals, that makes me unfortunate. Thankfully, there are people like me who do not consider people that are various though they were beings. Regrettably, some pick to act as though they are exceptional as well as will be intolerant in the direction of individuals of a different sexual orientation.

My Grandpa’s Super Gay (The One That Fled Apology)

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‘ The Simpsons’ recasts gay character with gay actor Tony Rodriguez

The recasting of Julio comes as the show proceeds its quote to raise the diversity of its actors to much better represent the personalities they’re playing

The Simpsons has modified another of its characters in an ongoing proposal to raise the variety of its actors to better represent the characters they’re playing.

Julio, who lots of called Marge Simpson’s beautician, has actually long belonged of the show’s LGBT community, having formerly dated Waylon Smithers. Formerly voiced by Hank Azaria, the character has now been recast.

Progressing, Tony Rodriguez will take on the function of Julio in order to properly portray the character– both Julio and also Rodriguez are gay Cuban men.

" Tonight I make my launching on The Simpsons as gay, Cuban Julio," Rodriguez wrote on Instagram last month, sharing his exhilaration at being cast. "This is a desire happened for me and I was already a living cartoon."

Prior to his casting, Rodriguez published a video clip to Instagram in February clarifying why he ought to play the role of Julio, including that he was a big follower of the show and that the personalities, writing and efficiencies are all "great".

" In the past 2 years, I have seen myself more in the show, and by that, I imply especially the component of Julio, who is gay like me, he’s Cuban like me," he stated.

Earlier this month, Azaria apologised for his longtime portrayal of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on the collection, while also acknowledging the program’s participation in "architectural racism".

In the April 12 episode of Dax Guard’s Elbow chair Expert podcast, Azaria stated that he wanted he had quit playing Apu earlier (he would certainly been voicing the duty because 1990).

In 2022, widespread ask for Azaria to quit voicing Apu began adhering to Hari Kondabolu’s objection of the portrayal of the personality in his docudrama The Problem With Apu.

On the other hand, a word first utilized in The Simpsons has actually officially been acknowledged in the dictionary.

bornholm-urlaub.info has recognized the use of words "embiggens", which was initially utilized in a 1996 episode which saw Lisa left ravaged after discovering Springfield’s community creator, Jebediah Springfield, was actually a homicidal pirate.

Simpsons character comes out thanks to writer’s gay child

Waylon Smithers Jr’s sexuality treated freely after 27 years in the wardrobe, as long-running collection handles concern ‘with unusual subtlety’

The Simpsons’ personality Waylon Smithers Jr has actually come out as gay after 27 years in the storage room, thanks to the kid of one of the program’s authors.

Rob LaZebnik, who is likewise a co-executive producer on the long-running animated series, has a 21-year-old child called Johnny, that is gay. "I thought ‘What better method to tell my boy I love him than to compose an anime about it?’" the 53-year-old informed the New york city Message.

Johnny added: "The revelation that my dad loves me is not much of a revelation, the good news is. He’s unbelievably approving." He went on to reveal that his papa asks him for recommendations on gay problems. "He as soon as sent me an e-mail, as well as the header was simply ‘Just how does Grindr work?"’

Gay social media dating app Grindr has actually made its method into the episode, which is titled The Burns Cage.

Program on 3 April in the US, the story sees Homer Simpson on a mission to locate Smithers a partner.bart simpson is gay Mr Burns, Smithers’ veteran item of affection, leaves his underling devastated by not showing any type of interest.

Celebrity Trip actor George Takei, that is openly gay, likewise makes a visitor appearance as himself.

Smithers, voiced by the comedian Harry Shearer, resists Homer’s matchmaking efforts at first. "Oh, Mr Smithers. Be available in, be available in, come in," Homer says at a celebration.

" Can I get you a Tom Collins?" he asks, pressing forward a young man rather than the gin-based mixed drink. "Hmm, I see what’s going on right here," Smithers replies. "Fix up your boss so he will not be so difficult on you. Well, good try."

US site the AV Club was among various electrical outlets to accept of the episode. "The Simpsons manages Smithers’ coming out with unexpected subtlety," it said.

Although Smithers has actually meant his sexuality in previous episodes, this is the very first time the nuclear plant workers have actually honestly spoken about it.

Gay Canine Alliance

The Simpson household view the Gay Satisfaction Ceremony marching down Evergreen Balcony, and also one of the groups marching is the Gay Canine Partnership. The marching pet dogs are dressed in a collection of stereotypically camp gay costumes, as well as Santa‘s Little Assistant, panting excitedly, shows a passion in several of the canines, one of whom winks at him. SLH’s attempt to sign up with the canines is prevented by the fact that he is currently on a leash. Discovering his interest, Homer makes a decision to take the family members far from the pride ceremony.

bart simpson gay

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The Simpsons: Was Nelson Covertly Gay? Fan Theory Explained

One Simpsons fan theory checks out the opportunity that college bully Nelson is covertly gay, as well as brings up a bothersome trope while doing so.

Fabulous sitcom The Simpsons does not have a great deal of queer characters in its huge cast, however one fan concept posits the concept that institution bully Nelson Muntz was secretly gay. The anarchic computer animated comedy The Simpsons has actually altered a whole lot because the collection debuted in 1989 with the Christmas special "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire." In its early periods, The Simpsons was a substantial hit many thanks to the program’s ribald sense of humor as well as negative wit.

After its 2nd season, the collection began a supposed "Golden Age" that remains taken into consideration among one of the most outstanding pieces of critical sitcom creating in current history. Nonetheless, sealing a location in the record of tv background doesn’t make The Simpsons immune to objection, and in current seasons, the show has actually continuously come under attack for locations where some fans as well as customers assert its attitude towards depiction and also variety fails.

Nevertheless, while The Simpsons recently modified Dr. Hibbert so the fan-favorite would be played by an actor of shade after years of being voiced by a white star, the series has actually not been as heavily criticized for its LGBTQ representation. Because Harvey Fierstein appeared as the ambiguously gay Karl in season 2’s classic fifteenth episode "Simpson and Delilah," The Simpsons has actually presented a fairly dynamic mindset towards gay depiction with the show being granted a GLAAD honor for the John-Waters guest-starring "Homer’s Anxiety" (season 8, episode 15). Nonetheless, one Simpsons follower theory recommends that sustaining character Nelson Muntz can be coded as being privately gay, as well as relies on a worn out trope to do so.bart simpson is gay Many Simpsons fan concepts, like the idea that Homer’s death will supply an end to the collection, boast a remarkable amount of proof to support their cases. Nevertheless, there are only 2 scenes to back up the idea that Nelson is secretly gay.

To start with, there’s the monitoring that his eyes widen on the scantily-clad Speedo male as he messes with Milhouse’s controls in "The Itchy and Scratchy As Well As Poochie Show" (period 8, episode 14). However, given the irregular computer animation of The Simpsons circa the ‘90s, this detail might be unintentional. The 2nd piece of proof for this follower theory is the suggestion that his excessively homophobic attitude might be covering up his sexuality, as seen in the "Lisa’s Date With Density" (season 8, episode 7) scene where he thinks Milhouse is coming on to him and also defeats him up because of this.

This Simpsons follower concept assumes that Nelson’s treatment of Milhouse in both scenes is rooted in secret homosexuality– a common trope in the late ’90s. Provided his standing as one of Lisa’s couple of boyfriends and the reality that The Simpsons has actually had adequate opportunity to talk about the personality’s sexual orientation as well as has actually chosen not to elaborate on this theory, it seems unlikely that the program would take the chance of playing right into this stereotype by confirming the theory currently. At a time when LGBTQ characters are becoming significantly widespread onscreen as well as The Simpsons even lately verified that Smithers is gay in canon, the probabilities of the show confirming Nelson’s secret sexual preference goes to the root of his intimidation could be a bad move (particularly when season 15’s third episode, "The President Used Pearls," saw Homer recommend Lisa to spread out a report that Nelson was gay to hurt his possibility at winning a political election).

Cathal Gunning has actually been writing about films and also TV online considering that 2022. His fascinations consist of The Simpsons, Stephen King, the Scream series, and also the horror style as a whole. He has spent even more time thinking about Stranger Points than the writers of Stranger Points, and also he has actually never ever seen a Star War.

Comics Gay

Comic Book Gay, regardless of greatly appearing like Comics Guy, has an elegant brownish handle-bar mustache and a lime environment-friendly shirt with blue pants rather than a blue routine t shirt with red trousers, like Comic Book Guy.

As examined by Homer, Comics Gay carries out in fact love comics "of a specific kind". Likewise, he seemed to instantly solution to Homer that he is not his relative, bring about the idea that many people mistake him for Comics Guy.

Just like his relative, he says his catchphrase, but in a various style, shouting annoyed, "Most dangerous stereotype ever!" Moe announced that he, like all gays, was brought in to all men. Immediately afterwards, Julio behind him called him cute and also asked him if he would love to head out. Still putting on the same frustrated expression on his face, as well as not having the faintest suggestion that simply asked him out, Comic Book Gay accepted the deal.

Bart Simpson Gay Hentai

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The Simpsons modifies a 2nd personality articulated by Hank Azaria: Marge’s gay Cuban beautician Julio

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6 Gay Simpsons episodes you require to enjoy

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bornholm-urlaub.info participates in various affiliate advertising campaigns and programmes which suggests that we make a payment on editorially selected products purchased using the web links that we may supply to retailer sites.

BART to Obtain Its Gay on for Satisfaction

Remember when The Daily Show made fun of San Francisco for obtaining, ahem, topped by Minneapolis as the gayest city in the nation? Well, probably BART is helping us attempt to recover, just in time for Gay Satisfaction.

It appears that BART is now jumping aboard the gay train.bart simpson is gay Besides including more cars to suit individuals this year fir the cheery June 26 Satisfaction parade, BART has actually additionally designed 100 Gay Pride posters that will certainly be plastered on all autos throughout the month of June.

That means the LGBT neighborhood will certainly currently sign up with African Americans, Latinos, as well as Asian Pacific Americans in getting their very own social poster included for one month on BART.

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Three Gays of the Condo

Homer and also Marge have a battle when Homer recognizes Marge only wed him because she was pregnant with Bart. Homer selects to leave your house and also struggles to discover the best roommate.

The Simpsons begin a puzzle and complete it yet are missing out on a piece. Homer after that believes it is in Marge’s memory breast and is averted by a letter Marge composed the day Moe’s Pub opened up (the missing problem item was really under Maggie’s eyelid). Marge was initially going to damage up with Homer as he got drunk, triggering Homer to react oversensitively at her every comment as well as, inevitably, break up with Marge himself. Homer prepares to vacate residence, initial going to Kirk Van Houten’s apartment, but leaving after recognizing how dispiriting the way of life remains in the entire apartment building (booming entirely by lonely divorced males like Kirk).

While walking house Homer sees a paper bender as well as takes one which includes a classified advertisement for an open house in the Gay Area of Springfield. In the brand-new house Homer relocates with two gay men named Grady and also Julio and Homer starts the learn about gay society and also also takes the kids to his new house. The following day Marge uses "Odd Al" Yankovic to obtain Homer back and also asks Homer to go on a date.bart simpson is gay Homer then fails to remember while having Margaritas with the "Velour Mafia" as well as asks Grady and also Julio if they have a gay time machine (Grady’s shoe wardrobe) and also tell Homer no however he is missing his date with Marge. Homer then really feels nervous and Grady as well as Julio’s Margaritas have actually made Homer feel better yet he shows up drunk for his date with Marge at the Medival Times restaurant.

Homer then mosts likely to Moe’s pub where he starts to know that all the problems in his life may be brought on by alcohol. Nevertheless equally as he makes this discovery Moe forces a Bottle of Duff Beer down his throat to make him neglect this insight. Moe offers Homer alcohol poisoning and after that Homer ends up in the healthcare facility to figure out Dr. Hibbert has a video from the past (due to the fact that he thought his registered nurse was stealing sponges) that explains later that after Homer got drunk Marge can not break up as she did not wish to raise infant Bart alone and that Homer was a great guy and also she could see it. Many years later on an older Dr. Hibbert only has a collection of video tapes left and figures out that the nurse did steal the sponges, proving he was right. Over completion credit scores, "Weird Al" Yankovic reprises the tune Homer and Marge.

The character Grady is articulated by the freely gay comedian/actor Scott Thompson, most popular for being a member of the Canadian sketch comedy troupe The Children In The Hall. "Odd Al" Yankovic has stated that he was called in a week prior to the episode broadcast to rerecord a line sung in the long run credits. The original line was "Oh yep, we’ve got time to fill up; why don’t you go pee prior to King Of Capital?" However, prior to the airing, it was found that King Of Capital was moved earlier which the moment port after The Simpsons was taken by the brand-new program Oliver Beene. The new line was sung as "Oh yes, ‘Weird Al’ enjoyed on this show; also if it was just a short cameo".

This episode won the Emmy Award in 2003 for Exceptional Computer Animated Program (For Configuring Less Than One Hr).